Wolftown Travel

We love to stay productive & we truly love to travel. Being remote enables us to thrive while doing both.

Only you know what’s right for you, so ignore the rest. This includes us, your friends, family and the smartest professors from your University. Most of us are unknowingly trained to not trust in our own judgment. Our parents made decisions for us, our teachers told us how things should be done, and society has its own rules on what is right and wrong.

 After being beat down by authority for years on end, many people just become one of the sheep. They follow the status quo. It’s easier that way and they unknowingly loose the craving of freedom they once used to have.. The Wolves, also known as the stubborn

The wolves, also known as the stubborn trouble makers tend to have their own ideas of ‘intuition’ how things should be. They stand away from the flock (crowd), make waves and sometimes piss someone off. But they also find great happiness, because they follow their own dreams and make their own plans. Their lives tend to end up just the way they want them to. Wolves trust in their own desires. They lean towards the professions that they were meant to do. Wolves are the innovators, travelpreneurs, forward-thinking business owners and the most of #RemoteWorkers. They have to pick what to ignore in life and keep learning how to shift their focus, or they’d never get things done.. There’s a price for ignoring everybody: You can easily become the lonely wolf, separated from the bored sheeples.

 But they say there’s still greater payment that you’ll receive for trusting in yourself. And you’ll get in the habit of tapping into your intuition, your own brain and your passions, which will lead to more freedom. Please, don’t follow us and #StayWolf every day.

Send request to join #WolfAndTravel community via contact form, including few words about yourself and we might get in touch. 


Remote Workers


#RemoteWorkers unite digital nomads & remote working professionals from every corner of the world!


It is a fast paced world we leave in. There is always a vast amount of information and inputs that flow around us and influence our behavior and decisions. This flows can often be viewed as distractive and after a time people tend to hide from them in their local bubble. Often the best way of how not to become overwhelmed by them is to settle down in a certain location and try to blend in between this flows. There is, however, the second approach and that it is learning how to use them for your own benefits and try to always find new streams and flows that can enrich you further. This is how we live like a Remote Workers.

Every single location in this world is different and so are the information, emotions and ideas that flow through them. While traveling through different locations, we are always getting influenced by something. Because of that, you are always receiving new sources of inspirations for your work. There is still however strong need to filter out distracting flows from the inspirational ones and staying on the task instead of just dreaming. It is something that needs to be learned and trained and that is why having a community of Remote Workers is so important.


As a community we are always here to help each other out, sharing tips how to stay productive and use the most of your current environment. As a nomad, it is tricky to create and maintain social bonds so having a like-minded people at your reach is always beneficial. Our goal is to bring new and relevant information to the group that can make the life easier and more enjoyable for all members of the Remote Workers community.

If you take a closer look at our logo, you can see the waves on the seafront and mountain tops above it. Some of us prefer to stay in warmer locations by the ocean while some prefer colder climate and mountains. We are all somewhere between those two elements, strong and united, no matter what your exact location is, you can be a part of the family.

As a community, we try to bring in projects for a collaboration between members and as a member, you are always welcomed to bring your project in if you need a help, advice or an opinion. The first project that we bring in is a #RemoteFriendly series that aims to create a network of Remote Workers approved locations throughout the world. It is something we would never be able to do as individuals, but we are able to do it as a community. If you would like to participate on a project as an ambassador in your current location, please contact us!

To find fellow Remote Workers, join Official Facebook groupor simply search on Social Media for #RemoteWorkers.